Created by an Educator to break barriers to high quality tutoring and test preparation.


The TC (Totally Customized) Tech Difference for virtual tutoring was a vision of interactive virtual tutoring and class room help that used the power of technology to empower.  "Virtual tutoring eliminates a lot of overhead that allows for more affordable ways to provide quality help for students in need. What was missing in online tutoring was customized details that would keep the student just as engaged as they would be with an in-person tutoring" Andrea Smith, Director.

A program from the parent company of Luminate Brands, TC Tech has created a reputation for boosting skills and test scores quickly, and providing high quality virtual experiences by incorporating the student's learning style and easy to use tools.


In 2011, TC Tech began helping students through the No Child Left Behind Grant Act, and later spread to work with schools through direct district grants, as well as internal and corporate sponsorships. 

TC  Tech's cutting-edge tutoring program is focused on helping lower to high middle-income families who want high quality without an extreme cost. Join our tutoring or classes to discover our difference!

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